Our Menu

Our Menu

Your steak won’t be served to you lying flat on a plate. It will be served quite hot, very adeptly seasoned, by a swift-moving gaucho (trained Brazilian chef), carrying it vertically on a large skewer. They’ll slice it and you’ll grab each slice with a pair of nifty little tongs provided at your place setting. The service and carving of the meats are controlled by each individual guest with a red and green sided card. The green side indicates that you are ready and waiting on meats. When you’ve reached your limit, turn the red side up. Have small tastes at first; there are many kinds of meat (12 in total). These include bacon-wrapped filet, marinated chicken drumsticks, lamb, pork and beef ribs, and the house specialty, Picanha, or the prime cut of sirloin. For our vegetarian guests, we do offer a bountiful salad bar with over 30 different items. Come experience the essence of Southern Brazil right here at Chama Gaucha.


The house’s speciality. The prime cut of the sirloin.


Favorite among many, served simply with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Filet Mignon

The most tender and juicy part of meat with a light sprinkle of sea salt.


The bottom sirloin, one of our most flavorful cuts.


The beef rib. The rich marbling both provides the flavor and texture.

Filet Mignon e Frango

Choose from our chicken breast or filet wrapped in bacon.


Selected from the succulent rack of pork ribs or loins dusted in parmesan.

Frango e Linguiça

The perfect pairing! Marinated drumsticks or pork sausage.


Flavorful leg of lamb or rack of lamb seasoned to perfection.