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At Chama Gaucha, we believe a quality experience is based on a combination of prime ingredients and gracious service. Our 12 cuts of meat and garden fresh salad bar is hand selected daily to ensure perfection to your plate. Our meats are always 100% USDA Prime, aged a minimum of 45 days and seasoned to enhance the natural flavors and unique complexity of each cut of beef, lamb, pork or chicken.

Paired with an authentic cocktail or world renown vintage wine will truly deliver an unforgettable experience. Our staff takes great pride in showcasing the essence of Brazilian hospitality with warm friendly service that will leave you feeling like part of the family.

We continue to fight for the title of "Best Steakhouse" at each location -- It’s passion you can taste!

Chicago is still closed due to COVID-19 mandates.



Whether its a special occasion or just a "night in", let us do the cooking! Our dinner packages is enough to feed two or one really hungry person! Add-ons are welcome. Don't forget our WINE list is now available at retail prices.

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Take home your favorites and try your hand at becoming a Gaucho! All meats are 100% USDA PRIME beef, aged a minimum of 45 days and butchered in-house daily.  "The Butcher Shop" is open at 1pm daily. Call ahead so we can prepare your order.

8oz Filet Mignon - aged 30 days $22ea
12oz Filet Mignon - aged 30 days $32ea
12oz NY strip - aged 45 days $24ea
16oz NY strip - aged 45 days $32ea
16oz Ribeye - aged 45 days $26ea
1 lb. Picanha (pre-cut)  $10.50ea
1 lb. Fraldinha (pre-cut)  $9ea
Avg 24oz Lamb $37 per rack
Dozen Prime Burgers $24

Whole Pack
Avg. 13lb NY strip - aged 45 days $12 per lb
Avg. 15lb Ribeye - aged 45 days $12 per lb
Avg. 6 lbs Picanha $6 per lb.
Avg. 10 lbs Fraldinha $6 per lb.
2lb Prime Ground Beef $12

Ready to heat sides, $7
Au Gratin Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, Asparagus, Mix Veggies, Mac&Cheese, Potato Salad, Chicken Salad


We are practicing all safety measures
including social distancing to protect our guests and staff.


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You can also make a reservation by contacting the restaurant below:

Chicago - (630) 324-6002
Houston - (713) 244-9500
San Antonio - (210) 564-9400



    With temperature controlled cellars at 58 degrees, each location pays homage to the art of wine with their own award-winning wine selections.

    Private Events

    Private Events

    No matter what the occasion, you can be confident in knowing that the service and experience at Chama Gaucha will be like no other.

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    Your steak won’t be served to you lying flat on a plate. It will be served quite hot, very adeptly seasoned, by a swift-moving gaucho (trained Brazilian chef), carrying it vertically on a large skewer. They’ll slice it and you’ll grab each slice with a pair of nifty little tongs provided at your place setting. The service and carving of the meats are controlled by each individual guest with a red and green sided card. The green side indicates that you are ready and waiting on meats. When you’ve reached your limit, turn the red side up. Have small tastes at first; there are many kinds of meat (12 in total). These include bacon-wrapped filet, marinated chicken drumsticks, lamb, pork and beef ribs, and the house specialty, Picanha, or the prime cut of sirloin. For our vegetarian guests, we do offer a bountiful salad bar with over 30 different items. Come experience the essence of Southern Brazil right here at Chama Gaucha.

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    Their cheese bread, a trademark appetizer from Brazil, is one of the best I've ever had. The place is brand new and very elegant. I had beef, pork and chicken and all tasted so good and were very tender. I'm really glad to have found this restaurant, certainly the best in his category.Vinicius M. , Atlanta
    For the past three years now, when I visit my sister here in San Antonio, she has treated me to lunch at your wonderful restaurant, and each year it has been a highlight of my trip. The meats are always juicy, tender, and flavorful. The service is outstanding, and the personal attention by your staff makes one feel very special. It would be great if we had a restaurant like Chama Gaucha in Montana, but somehow I don't think it would be quite the same as the one I enjoy in San Antonio. Virginia Eliseo, San Antonio
    I wanted to tell you that my retirement party held today was PERFECT. Your restaurant was superb. The food was great, the staff was phenomenal and the room was exceptional. Many, many thanks!Barbara Sprott, Houston
    We had an AMAZING dinner at Chama Gaucha in Downers Grove. It is a Brazillian Steakhouses where they feed you all the meat you can eat from a lot of skewers. Lamb, pork, steak, and chicken…. It was unbelievable ….Great staff… table side service…. Amazing food… side dishes were wonderful….. Excellent atmosphere and the company were pretty great too… Recommend this wonderful place highly… to everyone! Great salad bar too!Tonya M., Chicago